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It is the mission of United Legacy to employ all necessary efforts to strategically and successfully aid families to bring loved ones home.

Newly Missing

Mato Dow was last seen around midnight on October 13, 2017, when he left his sisters home in Redwood Falls, MN.. Mato is 26 years old, 5’7”.180 lbs. He has Black hair and Brown Eyes. He was last seen wearing Gray Basketball shorts, a grey zip up hoodie and a white t-shirt.

Fundraising Efforts

Capital Campaign

We are currently raising money for our capital campaign.  This fund would be used for items such as: a mobile command center, insurance, maintenance, general search supplies, safety equipment, mapping software, computers, GPS units, radios, training, salaries, office space, office equipment, printers, food for search volunteers and many other items.  For updates on our capital campaign or to make a donation, please visit: https://www.youcaring.com/unitedlegacy-933454

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Each month we feature one of our missing.  Below you will find more information about this months featured person.  To view more information about this person or to view our other missing persons please click on the link above.

Shannah Marie Boiteau

Missing since June 22, 2016

After being three weeks over due, Shannah Marie Boiteau was born on June 24th at 6:30 am . She was the first child, the first grandchild on both sides and the first girl on the Boiteau Side.  Her Grandpa Howie was so excited to buy his first doll.

Shannah was a very happy child that only needed to be corrected one time, and then she figured it out, she hated to disappoint. Once her sisters starting arriving she was dedicated to being the “mother hen” to them. She was always trying to help with Autumn’s feeding, dressing and rocking her to sleep. When Dakota arrived it got even worse. Dakota did not even need to say any words until she was three, Shannah was right there to tell her family or the sitters what she needed!

Growing up, Shannah had normal, happy, grade school years. back to back slumber parties, hiking trips on the moon ridge trails, camping at the cabin in Barnes WI, and was just a happy kid.

Once Shannah got in to junior high, she had become an amazing basketball player;  She was two feet taller than all of the rest of the girls, and she could run like a cheetah across the gym.  She attended the UWEC basketball camp, She mentored in reading to the under grades, and in the summer months was involved in softball.

In High school, Shannah started showing interest in the culinary arts. She designed her classes around becoming a chef, and business management. Unlike most teenage girls she watched cooking shows nonstop and would buy cooking magazines! It got to the point where her family put a tv in her room because they could not take it anymore! She was always making some kind of something all the time. The beginning of her Junior year she toured Cordon Blue Campus in Minnesota. She was so excited to finally be on her way to becoming her dream

Going into the summer of 2004 Shannah’s parents noticed a change in her. She was dressing differently, showing lack of interest in her basketball and cooking, and it literally happened over night.  They talked to her and tried to see what had happened and got nothing from her. She went to counseling and all that came from that was more night mares. She was pointing fingers at her family for not being supportive and loving enough. Her happy family had been hit by a freight train.

For 4 years Her family had been turned upside down and her parents filed for a separation. They stayed somewhat close to continue battling their demands with Shannah, but were losing really fast. She would not come home. When she was home, she would fight with her sisters. They had no idea at the time what was going on but figured it had to do with drugs. They reached out to serval institutes and county programs but she was too old, too young, or they made to much money but not enough money to get help. They were still oblivious to how deep her problems were.

Without going in to detail, the family went through living hell for the next 6 years, until Shannah became pregnant in 2014. She started to clean up her act and was so excited to become a mother. She talked about going back to school for her culinary degree, and getting her life on track again for her baby girl. With loving support from her family, she was on her way. Even though she was doing well, Shannah had gotten into some big trouble, again, involving drugs. She was sent to jail, where she stayed until she had Emiliana Marie Boiteau. Instead of sending Shannah back to jail after the birth, she was put on house arrest with an ankle bracelet and sent to live with her father under 24 hour supervision.

Shannah was doing wonderful. She got off house arrest, got a good job, her first real apartment and a car of her own. She was finally on her way to staring her new life over.

Then on June 21st her family got the call saying that Shannah never picked up Emiliana from day care. They had someone go to her house and there was a note from her that she had gotten into some trouble and that she knew she was headed for prison. She had some things that she needed to take care of, and that she would be back soon.

It has been a year. No word from Shannah. There have been searches, posters hung, and police involvement. Nothing. Gone. Shannah, a daughter, sister, mother, granddaughter, niece and friend is still missing.