United Legacy is a 501(c)(3) search, rescue and recovery organization focused on helping loved ones bring the missing home.  It is in those moments of fear and panic when facing the overwhelming task of not knowing what to do, who to contact, or how to begin looking for someone you love, that United Legacy answers the need.

Founder and President, Deanna Villella knows those feeling all too well when her brother went missing in 2014.  Through her unfortunate experience was born a passion to ensure that no family has to endure the experiences of searching for a loved one while processing the enormity of the situation alone.

United Legacy aids in being a liaison for the family with the presiding law enforcement personnel using their experience to more easily guide the relationship while putting forces into play to conduct a search.  Through activities on the ground including reaching out to the community through awareness campaigns, foot searches, mounted groups, water support, ATV/Snowmobiles, drones, tracking dogs, and helicopters when necessary, United Legacy effectively employs a multitude of resources to fit the requirements of each search.

Using love as our compass to bring the missing home…

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